Tilitoimisto GB is an accounting firm founded in 2015, which offers a wide range of services in Finnish, English and Albanian.

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or any other form of company, we help you with business and financial management and you get all the financial management
services under one coverage.

Customer satisfaction is important

As an entrepreneur, you definitely want customer-oriented service and fast operations. Often things are attended to upon your request and we make sure that things are taken care of quickly.

However, fast action is not at the expense of professionalism. We want to do things with high level of professionalism and that is why we can strike a balance between the two.

Our office is located in Kirkkonummi, but we move flexibly with regards to meetings in the Helsinki metropolitan area and such meetings are also easily arranged remotely.

Whether you want to use e-financial management software Procountor or manual accounting, we serve both. Whatever your favorite choice is!