When starting a business, do you need a new accountant or help with business financial management?

Different services are needed at different stages of the business life cycle. The entrepreneur has less experience with things that he/she did not have to do before – as a result of which he/she may face many pitfalls in his/her journey, and unnecessarily spend money, time and nerves.


When you start a business, you certainly do some research in advance. You know what to do, but you may not be sure how to do it? When setting up a business, it is preferable to first and foremost do the paperwork and cover the required legal aspects.

In this regard we can help! We will prepare the documents required for the establishment of a company on your behalf, submit them to the authorities, advice you on banking transactions and help you with other legal matters.

When starting a business, it is good to take into account many things that you cannot think about in advance. For this reason, it is a good idea to engage a knowledgeable partner as soon as you have decided to start a business. Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, we can help!


Accounting – is the foundation of a company’s finances. We make sure the accounts are up to date, all the supporting documents are entered correctly and the statutory reports are sent – by the deadline, of course!

We make sure that the accounting is provided with high quality and in a timely manner. If necessary, we will ask you to provide us with the missing documents and will ensure the legality of the accounting.

If you don’t understand something about accounting, we’ll help you with that too! We provide both manual and electronic accounting.


Do you want to get rid of receipts and do everything you need with a click? Electronic financial management is definitely modern, and we highly recommend it. Thanks to e-financial
management, you don’t have to keep receipts, you can store them. You can easily send invoices online, and the numbers go into the reports almost by themselves.

As a partner, we use Finago Procountor, which is a modern tool for any company and a backbone of the financial management. At a web address, you can see at a glance all the invoices, both sent and received, and you can pay them.
We also help with Procountor installment.


When doing business, one must ensure that employees are paid the agreed compensation on the agreed date. We calculate the salaries of employees, report the correct information to the income register and other statutory services. If necessary, we also make payments for them. This is how employees are compensated – correctly and on time.


Once the year is completed, it’s time to put it on paper as well. We will prepare the financial statements within the time required by law. However, financial statements are not just paper prescribed by law, they provide grounds for many things and many partners analyze it. They also make it possible to steer the company in the right direction.


Our special expertise is in solving the challenges of foreign companies. Whether you are moving to Finland or want to start a business in Finland as a foreigner, we can help you.
For example, we can help you with

– Work permit visas
– Residence permits
– Extension of permits
– Other reports


  •  Traditional / electronic accounting
  •  Payroll
  •  Financial statements
  •  Tax returns
  •  Accounting services
  •  Company establishment
  •  Changes in company forms

  • Tax planning
  •  Sales invoicing
  •  Agency for Immigration Affairs
  •  Consultancy/acquisition of statutory insurance
  •  All paperwork

How can we help? We want to ensure the success of our customers, and we would love to hear about your business. Contact us to discuss more!